Planning Permissions for New Build Homes

What You Need to Know About Planning Permissions for New Build Homes

Are you looking to start a new build project in Oldham or any of its surrounding areas? Finding a good architect in Oldham is the first step you should look to take! We at Belal Rashid Technical Architecture are vastly experienced in Planning and architectural work, and with the new government guidelines regarding Planning Permission for new build homes, approval for architectural projects has never been easier.  

In England, House Secretary Robert Jenrick announced recently that it will be granting an “automatic” permission for new homes and hospitals, part of the new planning reforms to speed up building projects.

“Permission in Principle” is in line with the government’s efforts to help battle the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic to England’s economy. This special grant is available for developments on land tagged “for renewal” to help accelerate building projects around the country.

Mr. Jenrick wrote to The Sunday Telegraph that these new rules will be focused on lands categorised for growth, protection, and renewal. “We are cutting red tape, but not standards,” he explained.

Jenrick explained that some lands will be designated for growth to help speed up the development of new homes, schools, shops, hospitals and offices, (with the aid of a trusted architect in Oldham, of course) which will be allowed automatically under the new regulations: “I am completely overhauling the system so we can build more good quality, attractive and affordable homes faster – and more young families can finally have the key to their own home.”

At the end of the day, the need for good quality homes at an affordable price from a reliable architect in Oldham will help a lot of people to settle down while allowing the economy to keep thriving despite the impact of the pandemic.

So if you are planning on hiring an architect for a new build project in Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside, or any of the surrounding areas, hire Belal Rashid Technical Architecture!

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