You might have wondered how much value a house extension will add to your property or is it worthwhile to extend your home? The answer will depend on the type of extension you are planning, the location of the property, and the architecture of the property.

National research on the value of improvements to an average 3-bedroom house found out that an extension adding a double bedroom and en-suite may increase up to 23% value to the property.

Possible Home Extension Projects


The value of your home will increase by square footage, whether it is adding a dining area or kitchen with a one-storey extension. This usually does not require planning permission or even a double extension for more bedrooms.

Extra Bathroom
If you are going to squeeze an extra bathroom to your home, you can actually boost the value of your property by at least 5%. Additionally, en suites are quite in demand because people are always looking for comfort and simplicity.

Extra Bedroom

Having an extra bedroom, particularly with a loft conversion can also offer the best bang for your buck, according to architecture experts. The cost will depend on the size and other variables from 15,000 to 40,000 pounds.

Adding the Most Value to the Extension

It is important to remember that adding value to your property requires you to ensure that your extension will appeal to the taste of the average buyer. Therefore, you have to complement the architecture of the current house.

That is why you must consider talking to an architect in Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside, or Blackburn to make sure it connects well with the house. Moreover, you should consider how it will affect the overall layout. Hiring a professional architect or a qualified engineer is the best way to ensure your home extension adds the most value to the property.

A local architect has the skillset and experience that will make sure your extension project will meet the planning laws, the average buyer, the current house, and will get the most out of your budget.

Looking For the Right Architectural Professional

You must find an Architect in Oldham for your home because it is a critical step before you can begin your project. A lot of homeowners find it hard to contact a local architect with so many competing websites offering their best bet.

Most of the time, many homeowners search online only to find well established or high-end practices to be too busy, too expensive, but often less experienced architects in dealing with small residential projects with normal budgets.

At Belal Rashid Technical Architecture, we provide architecture service in Oldham, Tameside, Rochdale, Blackburn and all the surrounding areas. all you need to do is talk to an architect about your project and what you intend to achieve. Check this out to talk to a local architect today!



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